Cricket as a national sport in India

The fame of wager companies is growing rapidly every day. This is not surprising, because the betting has more than one century under its belt. Against the background of such popularity, major part of bookmakers offer their clients extended assets to use the betting service. A striking example of this is bookies firm 1xBet.

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A bit about cricket

Although the main ethnic game in India is officially considered field hockey, but all records for rate on 1xBet India are broken by cricket. And it is unlikely that you will see boys playing with clubs on the street, unlike cricket, which can be met literally everywhere.

During the duration of Cricket India Cup, the folk of India literally “break” bids companies and put just a crazy amount of cash on the victory of their team.

Types of rates on cricket

In order to guarantee victory, you need to be well versed in the theory and know where, how and how much to rate.

1xBet India propos its users the such types of rats on cricket.

  1. The conquest of one of the teams in the competition;
  2. Conquesting at the period, which is attended by 12 to 20 different teams;
  3. Total. Rate on the number of wides, run-outs, and runs;
  4. Other betting options.

Other betting options include bets on:

  • The best bowler;

  • The best batsman;

  • Interest rates on certain players;

  • Results after 6 overs. 


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    Mobile App 1xBet as a good approach to make coins on cricket

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    So, positively ,cricket is not only everyone’s favorite street game, but a great fear to make cash on your hobby. And do not forget that 1xBet – this is a huge winnings and convenient earnings. Support your favorite team with 1xBet.