Mayor forms board to increase health care revenues in area

On Friday, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins announced the development from the Shreveport Healthcare and Development Corridor (SHDC). Ochsner LSU Health System assists around the SHDC board, that will tell you the center of Ochsner LSU on Nobleman Highway.

The SHDC initially will concentrate on auditing the economical impact from the area’s medical industry.

Additionally, it'll define healthcare potentials and formulate techniques that incorporate the higher Shreveport healthcare community to maximise the corridor's overall impact. “My vision is the fact that we are able to turn this essential element of our community into a fiscal engine that fuels unparalleled economic growth,” Perkins stated.

"The medical corridor can achieve this. It will not only revive our economy, but it'll bring first-class healthcare to the citizens.”

“I commend Mayor Perkins for rapidly acting this innovative idea first suggested in the Inaugural Address. In healthcare, we concentrate on altering and saving lives every single day, which doesn’t stop using the patient. We're also dedicated to individuals we employ and our community,” stated Chuck Daigle, Chief executive officer of Ochsner LSU Health System.